Certified Infrared Property Inpector

Certified Infrared Property Inspectors, CiPi’s, are trained to use an infrared imaging tool during a home inspection.  When used properly, thermal imagers are able to detect problems in areas not visible to the naked eye. Thermal imagers can confirm the precense of a problem  when it is suspected by the inspector.  This allows the inspector to target the area with more precision, no more guessing.

Thermal imagers in CiPi hands are an efficient, nondestructive evaluation method used to detect problem areas such as; Moisture intrusion in roofing systems, walls, flooring, ceilings and other building areas. Leaks in water pipes, buried steam lines or underground radiant heating systems and sprinklet systems. Locate missing or inadequate insulation areas in the building envelpoe. Heating or cooling loss, HVAC problem areas. Connection problems in low voltage electrical systems. Construction failure areas. Termite and pest issues. A CiPi is your best source for a more thorough indepth evaluation of a future or current home.


CiPi’s have completed a theory and application course for the use of thermal imaging for residential and commercial properties. CiPi’s were taught how to locate common deficiencies in building envelopes, insulated roofs and building subsystems.

The CiPi’s course provided in-depth and practical instruction for thermographically detecting hidden problems in electrical systems, HVAC systems, roofs, and building sidewalls. The CiPi’s course covered infrared theory, heat transfer concepts, equipment operation and selection, standards compliance, image analysis and report generation.

CiPi’s were trained to identify and document thermal patterns caused by improper design, workmanship or material failure.

CiPi’s are required to pass a closed-book exam and submit a field assignment demonstrating their understanding of infrared thermography and proper use of an infrared camera.  CiPi’s maintain their infrared certification by active participation in, and continuing eduction of, their infrared thermography skills.


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